Christians and Ecology

When I first came to St. Isidore in 1998 the area was mostly farms, golf courses and fields.  The past almost twenty years have seen a big change, Wolverine Golf Course is gone, now becoming a huge subdivision, T-J’s is …

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The Desert Angel

Our men and women serving in the Armed Forces overseas are provided with the basic necessities, but lack many of the things we take for granted here at home. The “Desert Angel” group tries to help with the things that …

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Christian Service Commission

While it is summer and people are away on vacations or at their cottages, the Christian Service Commission is still at work because the needs of people do not go on vacation.
Some of the areas we work in during …

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Summer Blood Drive


Our Summer Blood Drive is Aug. 6, 2017 and we need DONORS!!!!!!

If you wish to register to give blood you may do so now by going on line to

and register.  Search using the

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Saving Our Planet

Laudato Si’, “On Care for Our Common Home” , is the encyclical published by Pope Francis on May 24, 2015 and released to the public on June 18, the same year. The encyclical urges us to cultivate and care …

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Visiting the Sick

One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is visiting the sick.

We have in our parish, several members who have volunteered to do just that; visit the sick, bring them Communion, a copy of the church bulletin and visit with …

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Christian Service Voluteers

St. Isidore Christian Service Commission is looking for more members to carry out the mission of St. Isidore, that of reaching out to others, especially beyond our borders. Examples of what we have done in 2016 to reach out beyond …

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