Fr. Ron reflects on an excerpt from Exodus and explains why lent may be a good time to relent.…

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How Can God’s Light Shine Through You?

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Connecting Point: March 5, 2017

March 5, 2017 Connecting Point


This week, I decided to do my Connecting Point reflection on video.

Go ahead, watch it!…

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Immaculate Conception Message

Listen to Fr. Ron’s special message of inspiration for the Immaculate Conception on how God comes to us in our times of need through the people in our lives.

Check it out!…

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Advent Series Trailer

Check out the trailer for our Advent Series: Finding Hope in the Light.

Share this with your friends & family. This is an event for everyone (not just Catholics).…

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How Will You Make Your Faith Visible to Others

Listen to Fr. Ron’s homily from November 13. He talks about how we need to show our faith following a very divisive election no matter who you voted for.…

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Commitment Sunday – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has committed so far to the Our Parish, Our Future campaign. We received over 300 responses on Commitment Sunday last week. Please watch this video.

If you are still discerning what you can do to …

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