Connecting Point: April 30, 2017

It is easier for me to understand the reality of “walking with…” when I can hold a hand, see a face, hear a voice, etc., than to try and understand the abstract notion of walking “with” an intangible, inaudible, and invisible person.

Walking with a living, visible, tangible person is usually in the present; walking with an invisible notion is usually understood in retrospect. Many times, in life we make it through a rough patch, an illness, a death, the loss of a job, a divorce, etc., and wonder how we made it through alive. In retrospect, we see God’s merciful help; often in the person of someone close to us. We realize in retrospect that we did not really go through the difficult time alone. Walking “with Christ” is going through our days, the good and bad ones, with the conviction that Jesus is with us, reaching into our hearts to bring hope and insight. Walking with Jesus is also allowing ourselves to be that person of comfort to someone else in their moment of trial.