Connecting Point: December 24, 2017

Most of the times, what we really need is only a heart of surrender and always trust what God has plan for our life. Doing the best we can and letting God take the rest is what we call FAITH. One of the most beloved scenes in the Gospel is the intimate moment between Mary and the Angel Gabriel, when the youthful girl said, “Yes” to God: “be it done to me according to your word.” Those few words carry within them a revolutionary significance in which with those words, something in the universe shifted gear! Those words are Mary’s response to the call and promise of God. They represent the person’s willingness to believe what is not immediately apparent and the readiness to be used in risky and even uncomfortable ways. They exemplify obedience and surrender.  Surrendering to God and not to our personal agenda is quite a challenge. Yet, as friends of God we know the blessings of saying “YES” to Him for without surrender, we will never experience the true freedom that God offers us. Without surrender, we will remain spiritually malnourished. “Surrender our yes” is not a word of the weak; it is our heroic response to God.  Those words of Mary changed not only Mary’s life but also the life of the world.