Connecting Point: June 18, 2017

Is communion truly the Body of Jesus and his Blood?  How can it be when you see and taste wine and a little round host?  They are symbols of Jesus’ body and blood, right?  WRONG!  We bring our gifts of bread and wine as an offering to God for the blessings we have been given.  They are the symbols, our representations of gratitude.  The priest prays to the Holy Spirit on behalf of the whole community and asks that these gifts be made into the body and blood of Christ.  The Holy Spirit does not play tricks on us.  They are sent back to us as Christ’s body and blood sacrificed on the cross for us.  The hosts that still look like hosts become the fullness of Jesus’ body, HIS body, mind and spirit.  The wine that still looks like wine becomes the blood of Christ, HIS blood that carries life throughout the body.  An astonishing 63% of Roman Catholics, including practicing Catholics, believe they are only symbols.  The truth of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist is the absolute center of our faith.  It is not questionable, it is not symbolic, and it is not negotiable.  So ask yourself before you join the procession to receive holy communion, “What do I truly believe?”  It you think it is just a symbol, why bother?