Fr. Ron Thoughts on Our Commercial

We at St. Isidore continue to find new ways to “Bring God’s Word to the Community”. At our Masses the weekend of February 11/12 we introduced an exciting and innovative way to spread the Word: a thirty-second commercial for St. Isidore Church at the Emagine Theater at 23 Mile Road and Hayes that will be shown before every movie on every screen for an entire year. (Please see article on page 5 of this week’s bulletin).

Both the St. Isidore Pastoral Council and St. Isidore Finance Council enthusiastically approved the project late last year. Parish team members Matt Kush and Holly Shanefelt negotiated with representatives from the advertising company ScreenVision Media. Matt then undertook the production of the commercial. I am delighted with the results!

Our main objective with the commercial is to drive people to our parish website. To motivate people to check out our website we are offering a free St. Isidore t-shirt to anyone who goes to the website. While anyone may receive a free t-shirt, we ask you to keep in mind that the main objective is to draw new people who are not yet members of our community.

Fr. Ron Victor