Help Wanted: Parish Leaders

Monday, May 29

Parish Council Nominations Are Needed

Are you someone who is interested in what is happening at St. Isidore? Are you someone who cares about the future of St. Isidore? Are you someone who would like to shape the future of St. Isidore?
Do you know someone who is?
The word “leaders” often scares people.
“I’m not a leader – I just want to do something.”
“I can be a good worker, but I don’t want to be the leader – it is too much responsibility.”
“I’m willing to help, but I don’t have time”
These are some of the reasons we hear for not stepping forward to be a parish leader, but let’s take a look at what is involved with Parish Council.

The Parish Council members are important. They provide insights, ideas, and suggestions to the pastor and staff about what is happening in the parish and what future direction the parish may take. The council meets once per month for about two hours. During that time, information and ideas are shared. In short, you are “doing” something by sharing your thoughts and ideas.
Consider the requirements:

  • a deep sense of faith and an active prayer life;
  • caring about the parish;
  • have ideas about the future of the parish.

If you are someone who fits this or know some one who does, please fill out the information below and return it to the office.  You can email to:
We are all leaders — we just don’t know it!


Please return to the office or in the collection by May 29