Liturgical Matters: Planning Music for a Diverse Assembly

Music planning for our St. Isidore parish community involves first a study of the scripture readings for the particular season of the liturgical year. In planning music for liturgy, we incorporate a range of selections including familiar and traditional musical selections as well as new contemporary songs, all of which reflect and support the message of the scripture readings for each particular weekend. Our selections reflect the diversity of individual tastes in our particular parish community. We plan our musical prayer with the hope that everyone, no matter what their personal musical taste, can leave Mass having sung at least one song that touches them personally and connects them more deeply in that experience to Christ. With the rate at which new songs are being written and the ever expanding rich treasury of sacred music so readily available to us, narrowing down so many wonderful choices is oftentimes a difficult task! St. Isidore is home to over 3,600 families. Over 2,000 parishioners attend our Masses on a given weekend. With that many different people of so many ages and experiences, we have quite a diverse range of musical tastes and styles. Whether inspired by Latin chant, traditional hymnody, contemporary gospel, or praise and worship (or all of the above) we are certainly blessed with a wonderful and diverse family here at St Isidore, coming together to share in worship, prayer and Holy Sacrament. We lift our voices together in unified song of praise as an expression of our unity in The Body of Christ.

Amy Righi

October 5, 2016