Lost and Found

Through the years, people have left a variety of things in the building. From watches, earrings and cell phones to baby bottles and gloves (a lot of them). When found, they were placed in a cardboard box in the Usher’s Room. Until now.

Jim Koss, an usher usually at the 4:30 Mass, decided it was time that we did something nice for our parishioners and guests so that they could easily locate those things left behind. He built a new Lost and Found box to provide a home for the items left behind. It can be found outside the Usher’s Room (along the 23 Mile wall of the Gathering Space).

We thank Jim for his thoughtfulness and concern for helping the parish. If you see him at 4:30 Mass, let him know we appreciate it. You may also want to stop at his farm on 23 Mile Rd. (between Romeo Plank and Heydenreich Rd.) and get some of his famous white sweet corn in the summer.

Thanks Jim!