Mei Markel

Marketing & Design
Mei studied multimedia design as well as front-end development, at Macomb College. Since the ripe age of eight, she was strongly interested in technology and art. It was that time when she built her first desktop computer from parts (with a little help), and two years later moved on to designing and coding blog layouts for herself and friends. That undeniable passion, brought her to St. Isidore, in hopes to build, enrich and help grow its catholic community through great design and marketing. Mei considers herself a very spiritual person, therefore most of available jobs in her field didn’t appeal to her. “It is very difficult to find a creative marketing position that brings a sense of purpose. I need believe in what I do to feel sufficiently, soulfully motivated”. She is very excited to be working at St. Isidore, as it feels like just the right, purposeful thing she was looking for.
In her free time, she likes to design and craft costumes, play video games, shoot bow, visit trendy restaurants and most of all: travel the world. She visited dozens of countries and several continents, and she loves sharing stories about those. “I don’t collect anything in particular, except for life experiences”