Tips for Healthy Grilling

Summer time often means moving our cooking outdoors! Here are a few tips to keep those summer cook outs safe and delicious:

  • Keep your grill clean by scrubbing it before and after each use. Avoid using a wire brush, which may lose bristles on the grill and find their way into your food.
  • Marinate meat and poultry to help reduce carcinogens that form when they cook on the grill
  • Turn meat over at the right time so it doesn’t char and it flips easy without sticking. Move meat away from flare ups
  • Cut off charred or burnt portions of grilled food. The more char there is, the more cancer-causing compounds there are
  • Cook ground beef to 160°, red meats to 145°, pork to 160° and poultry to 165° to kill E. Coli bacteria
  • The faster foods are cooked, the less likely they are to char
  • Cut meat in uniform size pieces. Smaller pieces cook quicker
  • Try grilled pizza as a main dish, or grilled vegetables as a side dish, and grilled fruit as dessert!

Source: St. John Faith and Health, May-June 2017