Classroom Program 2020 is At-Home Learning

PANDEMIC YEAR – September 2020 thru April 2021
Faith Formation at St Isidore is At-Home Learning
Registration for 2020-2021 is closed

The AT-Home Learning Program (above) is:

  • FLEXIBLE throughout the month to complete weekly assignments
  • MANAGEABLE with other family commitments
  • FAMILIES LEARN and grow together in Faith

Sharing faith together as a family helps our children build a strong foundation with God that will carry them throughout their lives. This is an exciting time for our community!

Families are encouraged to:

  • Pick the same day and time during the week to share faith
  • Encourage older children to assist younger children if needed
  • Review all independent lessons with your child when completed
  • Work together as a family to complete the YouTube and FF Envelope assignments
  • Drop off all work monthly in a timely manner
A few words from Dawn Ormsby, Coordinator Grades 1-4
A few words from Margaret Topor, Coordinator Grades 5-8

Participation Policy

Each child may miss up to 6 assignments for the 2020-2021 school year. Once a child has missed 6 assignments they will be registered for a Step Up Class in Fall 2021. Thank you for your compliance with this policy.

How to Return Homework

  • Each month’s weekly assignments are all due by the first of the following month. (ex: all Sept homework due Oct.1, all Oct homework due Nov.1, etc.)
  • Place all completed assignments with name in provided envelope.  This includes chapter tests, mass reflections, family projects, etc.
  • Write FAMILY name on the outside of the return envelope.
  • *Return “Family Envelope” to the Faith Formation Drop Box located outside at Door #5 (located off 23 Mile Rd entrance).
  • Return all homework assignments at your convenience any time of day 24/7 within the assigned month! No appointment needed, no office hours to follow.

*Drop Box is available at Door #5 in the 23 Mile Rd parking lot.

Code of Conduct


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