Commercial (2017)

Our church community has a strong foundation of faith and we have made it our mission to share God’s Word with others so that we can grow and help them find a church home.

Our efforts have had a definite impact as we have seen parishioner registration rise and an increase in visits to our website, especially on mobile devices. Our efforts have also received recognition by the Archdiocese in the January issue of the Michigan Catholic.

However, we know that we can still do more to reach others where they are.

That is why next weekend we are launching something special; something that no other Catholic Church is doing. We are debuting a 30 second commercial for St. Isidore Church at the Emagine Theatre on 23 Mile and Hayes that will show before every showing of every movie for an entire year!

Emagine Macomb houses 9 screens that show approximately 5 movies each per day and sees over 10,000 visitors each week. What a great place to send our message and invitation! 77% of Americans age 12+ attend at least one movie per year and 20% of Americans ages 12+ attend monthly. 70% of those moviegoers are under the age of 50.

After seeing those numbers and giving it some thought, we knew that this was a tremendous opportunity for us to reach those who would not otherwise be reached by God’s message.

Though ads and commercials exist in all forms of media, the movies are the one place that a viewer cannot skip the commercial. Today, we can skip commercials on TV and in online videos. We are quick to toss out ads that come in the mail often without even reading them. However, at the movies, we give the screen our full attention.

In writing the commercial script, we knew that we had difficult tasks to achieve in only 30 seconds:

Get their attention • tell them who we are and why they should care • tell them where we are located • give them a simple way to respond and remember us. We think that we have done that and are pleased with the result.

Enjoy the commercial and check out our FAQ if you have questions.