Communion to the Sick

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, we have lost a number of our Ministers to the homebound. Previous to the pandemic we had 14 of our parishioners who were taking Communion to the homebound. As of this writing we now have 6 and some of them cannot take on any more visits because they already are visiting 5 or 6 homes. This is a very rewarding ministry. You contact the person to be visited and agree on a mutually acceptable day and time for the visit. When you do visit you bring a copy of the bulletin for them (so that they may keep current on what’s happening on the parish) bring Communion in a pyx (we supply the pyx) and take a few minutes to sit and chat with them a bit. In some cases, you might be the only person they see that week.

We really need your help. Call us (586-286-1700) and we will help you meet with someone who can benefit from your ministry. Remember that we are all part of the priestly ministry of Jesus, our great High Priest, and you will help bring His presence in the form of the Eucharist and your physical presence to them.

Christian Service Director