Connecting Point: March 19, 2017

Make time to listen to what God may be saying to you this week.

Connecting Point: March 19, 2017

Once asked by the person in the Correctional Facility: “how would you be kind for someone who hurt you and treat you like the enemy?” I was not able to give him my definite reply but engaged him in a dialogue about Jesus who breaks the boundaries of laws; transformed it from plain compliance to generous love.

Jesus to the Samaritan woman was able to bridge both healing and unity of cultures; for there is only one thing that keep people from God’s redeeming love and that is healing our obstinate self-importance and willful rebellion.

We always wanted to know the Truth, to experience the outstretched hand of forgiveness;
there will always be our friend in Jesus who walks in when the world has walked out.

Jesus never thought of society’s outcasts as insignificant, but as essential members of the family of God.