Connecting Point: October 15, 2017

October 15 Connecting Point Image

Connecting Point: October 15, 2017

The danger of our being a Christian is when we start to feel secured and comfortable; that mentality can oftentimes blind us and lead us to what we call “cheap grace,” grace without good works, grace without authentic discipleship, grace without commitment, grace without any cost to us.

The very life of God is accessible to everyone HOWEVER only those who actually have willingness to change their way of living to follow the Gospel. We need to sacrifice in giving up our old clothes and habits and put on the new clothes of Christian discipleship. It is not just knowing the faith but living it that counts.

Let’s ask ourselves today: what kind of life do I bring to the Eucharistic banquet?

What is the condition of my baptismal garment?

Is your Baptism a memory or an active commitment shaping your life and your priorities right now?