Bringing the Word to the Community

Spreading the Word is not easy in a busy and distracted culture. It requires new & modern ways of reaching out. We want to be able to reach people where they are so that they feel encouraged to connect with God through word, music, and sacrament at St. Isidore.

When we asked our congregation what they love about our church, they responded by saying that we are welcoming, have great clergy and music, and offer a lot of opportunities for them to participate.

We want to tell everyone about these qualities and the great parish family we have, and invite them to join in. How we do that needs to be uniform and easy to understand.

We want our parishioners to have an easy and uniform way of sharing who we are as a community. These three pillars establish who we are in an easy-to-remember format so that when people ask, “What is St. Isidore all about?” we can answer, “It’s about connecting with God, reaching others, and building a community.” These pillars rally everyone around the same goal: spreading the Word of God and growing together in our faith.