In many ways, a parish’s “calendar” follows the school year.  Thus, many exciting things are starting up in the parish in the next couple of weeks. 

Faith Formation begins for our eighth graders this week, and then for the remainder of the grades the next week. We thank the many parishioners who have come forward to serve as catechists to our young people.  Let’s keep them and our students in our prayers.  Our Faith Formation team is putting great effort into connecting with the parents of those in our program.  As you know, parents are the main teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  We are trying to do the best we can to help parents grow in their faith, so that they can be the best of teachers.  Stay tuned for some of the new things happening in our Faith Formation Program this year!

Please check out other articles in this bulletin regarding new opportunities for adult faith formation in Scripture Study and in studying the Catholic Catechism. We thank our Evangelization Commission for leading these studies.

A new Men’s Bible Study group, “Straight to the Point,” led by some of the young men on our parish staff, also begins this month.  It will be meeting at 6:00 AM on Tuesday mornings.

   Our Middle and High School Youth Ministry will be holding kickoffs for the new year this week and next.  There are many exciting things planned for the year.  We encourage our young people to come and check it out.

Theology on Tap resumes this Wednesday with a new venue, Sherwood Brewing. Come check it out!

   We are also looking forward to the David Haas concert next Saturday, and the Altar Society rummage sale this week.  

   Just a few of the many things happening! Stay tuned for more!


Fr. Ron Victor  

Fr. Ron's Ramblings 09-23-18