Funeral Lunch Team

In this season of new life, we can realize how much we are dependent on the church through life stages. We begin with baptism, receive the sacraments, and celebrate marriage. All of these are joyous moments in life.

There is a time of great need, however, when our beloved are brought for their funeral in the final moment of life in the church. It is a time when the family needs care and consolation. St. Isidore has been offering to provide a funeral lunch to the families in their time of grief.

The Funeral Lunch ministry has two parts: providing a dessert for the luncheon and helping to prepare the setting and serve the lunch. The ministry has been blessed with many volunteers in both roles through the years. As with many volunteer groups, the numbers have been diminishing as people have moved, had changes in their life, or are simply no longer able to volunteer.

We are in need of additional new people to carry out this ministry so that we can continue offering the luncheons. We would like to replenish the teams so that the teams can rotate.  The more people we have, the easier the task. Please consider CONNECTing with the families, REACHing out to them in their time of need to BUILD the caring of our community. Please call the office to become a part of this important ministry today.


-Ron Pakizer (

Fr. Ron's Reflection 4-21/19