Prayer Blanket and Shawl Comfort Crafters Ministry

Prayer blankets and shawls are available. They are always free of charge. May the Holy Spirit inspire you to stop in the church office to choose one of our blankets or shawls for a relative or friend.

We all know people who struggle with a serious or chronic illness, or loneliness, or financial problems. Many people have a troubled family member or are dealing with the death of a loved one. Such suffering can last for years.

We can offer hope and comfort to others. Take a prayer blanket or shawl to that person who needs to know that we (and you) care about them and pray for them.

All our blankets and shawls are handmade by members of the Comfort Crafters Ministry. We are dedicated to this ministry. We pray for all recipients and encourage parishioners to do the same. Our prayer is that God will keep people safe, comforted and happy. We consider our items a hug from Jesus for that person who needs comfort.

If you crochet or knit and would like to find out about (or join) our ministry, call the church office (586-286-1700) and ask to talk to a group member. Someone will definitely call you back. Or, better yet, attend one of our group meetings: Every Tuesday at 1:30 in the Social Hall.

Thank you for your participation in this ministry.
“The Comfort Crafters”