Prayer Wall

Prayers for the families Czajkowski, Deppong, Berry, Burns, and Mavis as we bury our dear Kristin Sue.

Requested by George & Salina Mavis

strength 3 weeks ago
For my sister, Carol, who is fighting cancer. Please give her strength and peace in her battle of this disease.

Requested by Kathryn Counts

sick 4 weeks ago
Please pray for salvation for my son. Please pray for negative medical test results for my husband and me. Please pray we don't have cancer.

Requested by ANONYMOUS

personal 4 weeks ago
Please pray for my sister Monique she is recovering from covid-19. Please pray for her energy to be fully restored and for her to be able to breathe completely on her own. Also pray for the pneumonia

Requested by Althea Baldwin

sick 4 weeks ago
In thanksgiving for my incredible husband on our 4th anniversary. Praying for Godโ€™s continued blessings and grace on our marriage.

Requested by Karen

thanksgiving 4 weeks ago
I would like prayer to assist with my travel plans and transportation this week 8/30 please and thank you. Also prayer over my anxiety and depression and current unpaid unemployment finances.

Requested by Dwayne Triplett jr

personal 4 weeks ago
Prayers for a quick recovery after surgery.

Requested by DiaNE Buckenhizer

personal 4 weeks ago
Sending Prayers To My Isidore Family,Faith Hope Love

Requested by Laura Chidsey

personal 1 month ago
In thanksgiving for my awesome husband on our anniversary today. May God keep reaching him so that we may worship God more strongly together

Requested by Susan

thanksgiving 1 month ago
My beautiful nephew Zak Myers was called to heaven on July 20, 2021. Please pray for his mom Josie, dad Jamie and wife Megan as they go through their grief. Thank you all for prayers for his healing.

Requested by Jenny Racette

death 1 month ago
Please give my brother strength and hope to fight his cancer of the liver. Jesus, Mary , and Joseph be on his side, calm him and bless him. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

Requested by Laura V Tacderas

sick 2 months ago
For Arturo Vivar who is just diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Grant him good quality of life allowed by Jesus, and our Father๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Requested by Laura V Tacderas

sick 2 months ago