Prayer Wall

I pray that my husband’s wrist does not need surgery.

Requested by Susan B.

personal 2 years ago
Pray that upcoming Cancer treatments go well and that he does not suffer but recover quickly.

Requested by Loving Wife

sick 2 years ago
Praying when our children go back to a hybrid school schedule, they are safe, they are healthy, they are happy, they have a great school year. Bless the educators, give them strength, kindness and direction.

Requested by Suzanne

strength 2 years ago
For my husband Joe. He has multiple health issues and concerns with his heart, liver, kidneys, and digestive system. I ask for prayers for all the doctors involved in finding answers and the right corse of treatment and action to help him get better. May the Lord give us both patience and strength to get through all of this.

Requested by Josephine Russo

sick 2 years ago
Dear Lord, I humbly ask that you heal my niece who is struggling with serious anxiety and depression. I also ask that you bring comfort and hope to her family during this difficult time.

Requested by Debbie

sick 2 years ago
For peace restored within our family and blessings for our expectant daughter-in-law & our future granddaughter. May she be born healthy & normal.

Requested by Sue

strength 2 years ago
For the Galba Family on the death of Diane

Requested by Jacqueline Ahern

death 2 years ago
A prayer for the President of the United States of America and for the First Lady. They have contracted COVID-19 and are under quarantine. May they make a full recovery!

Requested by Richard Smith

sick 2 years ago
For Maurice Coschino who has to have open heart surgery.

Requested by Mary Lee Tonkoshkur

sick 2 years ago
For Lisa Pellerito who is struggling with an anteroom! Thank you! Good, Good, Father please we are asking for a miracle!

Requested by Monica Weiss

sick 2 years ago
For my children, especially those who along with their spouses have left the church. May they find their way back to You Lord and find joy. Also for and end to abortion and child abuse.

Requested by Sue Considine

personal 2 years ago
Heavenly Father, please bless Gary with employment.

Requested by Helen Pugh

strength 2 years ago