(Legacy) Online Giving

Please note that this legacy form of giving has been replaced by a new system and will no longer be supported.

Try out our new form of giving!


Click here for the E-Share Website:


St. Isidore has partnered with Christian Financial Credit Union to provide you with the ability to make Electronic Donations. This service is an additional way to make your contributions that many people have requested. You may continue to make your donations as you currently do, however, this alternative is being provided for those who choose to make their donations electronically.

You can use the donation service to make your contribution each week, month or to be taken only once – you choose.

When you authorize weekly donations, your donation will be made even if you are unable to attend services. You have complete control of your donation amount and frequency. You can also discontinue this service at any time.

Your donation information is safe and secure. Christian Financial Credit Union uses the latest technology in multi-level password protection.

Contribute to multiple funds
With multiple-fund options, you can allocate your donation to a specific fund if you choose. We have funds set up for regular Sunday collection, Building Fund, missions support, etc. As a contributor you will have the convenience of being able to sit down and make your donations on pay-day while you are balancing your check register.

How It’s Done
Press the link above labeled “e-Giving” to take you to the registration site. Once you are at the registration site, you will be asked to register as a new user:
You will set up a user name and password that is unique to you.
You will also be asked for your member number (envelope number), bank routing number, and bank account number. (We will only offer bank donations but not credit cards at this time.)

Once you are registered, you can then specify the amount of your donation, frequency of contribution, and the specific items you wish to contribute to. The link is completely secure.

If you would like to participate, but do not have access to the internet (or you simply don’t want to register electronically) stop in at the Parish Office where we can assist in registering you.

Contributing in this way gives you freedom from check-writing every week,and should you be unable to attend liturgy, you can still make your contributions!

About Christian Financial Credit Union
Christian Financial Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution that has been serving the community since 1950. Their roots are in the Christian community, so they understand the needs of our church.

Click here for a printable copy of the e-Giving information above: