As part of our Lenten journey each S.I.T.E. teen was given $40 (funds collected from our summer bottle drive) to be used in Random Acts of Kindness. The only ‘rules’ were: they were encouraged to pray to see where the Holy Spirit would lead them, they needed to donate to at least two different organizations/needs and they were to journal their donations and experiences. Each week will be featured a teen’s journal.


  • DAKOTA HIGH SCHOOL FOOD DRIVE: Went to store and bought canned food to donate to “Cougar Closet” at school. It felt good to help out in the community, knowing I was able to provide a student with something they couldn’t get themselves.
  • ST. JUDE’S HOSPITAL: When I was younger, a kid I went to elementary school with sadly passed away from cancer at age of five. I chose to donate to St. Jude’s in memory of him, hoping it will help other kids with cancer.
  • FAMILY FRIEND IN VIETNAM: My Mom’s friend (from Vietnam), is not as fortunate as us. She struggles to provide for her family. Every year my Mom sends over money and I decided to give the rest of my money to help her out. I felt happy being able to help someone that I knew needed help.

Pray and Be Vigilant