Security Update

Security Update

An update as to what we are doing to keep our facility as secure and safe as possible: Representatives from the Macomb Township Fire Department have been here and reviewed our fire evacuation plans and natural disaster plans. They have approved what we have put together, and in fact, lauded us for being proactive in these areas.

We have also had meetings with the Training Sergeant for the Macomb County Sheriff and just two weeks ago, the Macomb County Sheriff afternoon Commander for Macomb Township and I did a walk-through of the facility. Our Faith Formation Director, Mrs. Ann DeRey, conducted a spontaneous Code Red drill, with the children, which was very impressive. The shift Commander assured me that the Sheriff’s Department stands ready to assist us in every way possible in order to help maintain a safe environment for our children, our parishioners and our facility. We will be constantly working together also to ensure the security and safety of our parish.

If you recall, last year at the Mass for First Responders, and in fact at all the Masses that weekend, we asked for all parishioners who were “First Responders”,  to volunteer their services in case of an emergency.  This includes, besides police, fire and EMTs, nurses, doctors, and others with medical training. The purpose of this was so that we would know who the “trained“ people are, especially in the event of an act of violence in the church/parish, so that  we will be able to distinguish the “good” guys from the “bad” guys, and also, who is really medically trained, and able to assist in a medical emergency? Please know that if you do volunteer, you will NOT be assigned to a particular Mass. We just want to know when you are here at your regular Mass and are available if needed.

Having said that, I again ask, if you are a first responder, please send me an email and let me know of your interest. (Any who are reading this and have already volunteered, please send me an email just so that I can have it in case we need to contact you for any reason). Once you have sent me your email, I will respond, further explaining how we would like to utilize your talents.