The Pilgrim’s Corner 6/10/18

The Pilgrim’s Corner 6/10/18

Our 5:30 Sunday Evening Mass

Making Time and Creating Space: “Connecting it all together”

How busy we are as Catholics, we know that there is always time for God, no matter how cluttered and chaotic our day gets. There must be time. Not for God’s sake but, for yours and mine.

No matter what we claim: where we travel or where we go for our Sunday Mass, we can always find some extra moments to pull off the road and stare into the God-drenched space. For some, finding moments is harder. But the busier we are, the more we need to withdraw awhile to remind ourselves of what is important, to keep our heads straight and pointing in the right direction. 

At the very least, to drop by to the Church or to go to the Chapel spending sometime with the Lord reminds us that we do not have to be perfect, that we are not the be-all and end-all.

Possibly, somebody else has all those jobs! We should, as well ask ourselves: Is maintaining a relationship with God as important as a coffee break? As important as reading the newspaper? We need not give up coffee or the paper, but if God is a genuine priority in our life, a couple of things do not really have to be done “today or else.” 

We offer that GIFT to you! Our Evening Mass at our Parish on Sunday at 5:30 is one of our “try-outs” as Parish to experiment change or endeavoring some new flavors for our busy Catholics. Choosing a Church or place to celebrate Mass is of some importance, too. Experimenting with time to go to Mass can be spiritually fun; perhaps our 5:30 Sunday evening Mass can be enjoyable for you, as well!  

Last week was my first Mass as a celebrant of the 5:30 Evening Mass. One thing I feel about this particular Mass is that there’s a taste of praying communally, a “family celebration”. At this Mass, it’s remarkable to see a couple of families with their kids coming from sport events; some of them they maybe dropping by the Church to see St. Isidore; to few people, maybe they feel the welcoming space in our parish; and to others perhaps, just being inquisitive of knowing that it is a different Mass atmosphere! 

When gathering for communal celebration like our 5:30 pm, some of our folks feel the need of coming together as community to feel comfortable, receptive—not apprehensive, fun, engaging music, and “family, Christ-centered” message.  

Our worshipping Christian community in St. Isidore is designed to nourish your families; it’s not only a place or something else you go to but also a home and a family where you feel the welcoming spirit and a sense of a healthy belongingness. We are mindful we will never change the world by going to church but we can continuously be involved in changing the world and its injustice, prejudice and discrimination by being the church. We come to Church not to conceal our problems but to seek God’s mercy and healing.