Visiting the Sick

Visiting the Sick

One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is visiting the sick.

We have in our parish, several members who have volunteered to do just that; visit the sick, bring them Communion, a copy of the church bulletin and visit with them a little while.

Who we are looking for are those people who are sick, disabled, elderly or who, for some other reason, cannot make it to church on the week-end. Those who need a visit, someone to talk with. Also, if you or a loved one would like to be anointed, and talk with a priest before or during Easter, please call and make arrangements to have a pastoral visit by one of our priests. Remember that Easter is a season, not just a day, and lasts 50 days until Pentecost. So any time before Pentecost is fine.

Please understand that due to the HIPAA laws, we may not call any hospital or other medical/mental/re-hab facility and ask for a list of our parishioners who may be admitted for care. At one time we could call the Pastoral Care office of the facility to get that information and then make a pastoral visit. So, what that means is unless the person or a family member calls us and informs us that they, or a family member, are admitted to a hospital or other care facility, we don’t know and cannot make a visit.

If there is anyone who would like to become a Home Minister to the Sick, please call me at the office. If I’m not in, please leave a message and I will get back to you

though at present we haven’t that many people to visit. We can, however, use more people willing to minister so that when someone does call for a visit, we will have a minister available.