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We have a variety of Mass times to fit your schedule.

  • 4:30 PM Saturday
  • 7:30 AM Sunday
  • 9:30 AM Sunday
  • 11:30 AM Sunday
  • 5:30 PM Sunday

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Spreading the Word is not easy in a busy and distracted culture. It requires new & modern ways of reaching out. We want to be able to reach people where they are so that they feel encouraged to connect with God through word, music, and sacrament at St. Isidore.

When we asked our congregation what they love about our church, they responded by saying that we are welcoming, have great clergy and music, and offer a lot of opportunities for them to participate.

We want to tell everyone about these qualities and the great parish family we have, and invite them to join in. How we do that needs to be uniform and easy to understand.

We want our parishioners to have an easy and uniform way of sharing who we are as a community. These three pillars establish who we are in an easy-to-remember format so that when people ask, “What is St. Isidore all about?” we can answer, “It’s about connecting with God, reaching others, and building a community.” These pillars rally everyone around the same goal: spreading the Word of God and growing together in our faith.

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Connect with God
Reach Others
Build Community

These are our pillars,
the core of what we are about.

01Connect with God

We connect with God through worship on the weekend and feel his presence among us.

In order to connect as many as we can with God, we want persons of every background to feel included and engaged here. We seek to lovingly embrace the rich and unique dimensions within each of us so that we can journey together in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment in grateful celebration of God’s creation.

Our diverse clergy brings their interpretations of the Gospel relating it through a message that leaves people of every age with a better understanding of the Gospel’s relevance to their daily lives. We combine this with a blend of music from today’s artists as well as music from our hertiage to further enhance the worship experience.

02Reach Others

We want to reach others in as many ways as possible to let them know that our doors are open and we want to meet them and help them grow in faith. That is why we are launching a new website, enhancing our social media presence, and creating a library of sharable inspriation that will engage people who may not otherwise be reached through our communication.

We are committeed to offering more opportunities to help people reach others who share common interests through small groups. Whether those interests are craft beer, recreation sports, movies, service projects, Bible Study, or parenting groups, we want to provide a chance for you to get to know the people who sit around you in the pews and invite friends outside of the church community to join.

03Build Community

The definition of community is “a feeling of fellowship with others”. Today, time is at a premium and relationships are constantly tested, so a strong community of faith has never been more important. In a world filled with uncertainty, one thing is certain: God is with us.

St. Isidore has been and will continue to be a strong, passionate place of faith and community. Together we will build up that community and share it with those around us

Our mission is to CONNECT with God through worship and the Sacraments, REACH others using new and innovative ways, and BUILD community through fellowship.
Our vision is to grow as an inclusive contemporary Catholic Church inviting the wider community into full participation in the Body of Christ

Like what you see and want to become a parishioner?