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Please pray for our daughter, who is getting ready for a flight and just found out that she may have shingles. She is under observation. Please pray for her to feel better and have a safe trip.

Requested by Paul Dolfus

sick 3 days ago
Praying for a safe trip for my son this week and that my Nephew finds employment in his field of work. Also praying for my entire family. I want to offer thanksgiving for past favors.

Requested by Mary

personal 5 days ago
May the Lord's strength provide comfort and calm to our nation as we navigate the final week before elections.

Requested by Chris

strength 5 days ago
Dear Lord, I might not understand why things are happening the way they are in my life right now but I do understand that your ways are better than mine. I trust you God. AMEN

Requested by Nancy Pauline Privett

strength 1 week ago
Please pray for Richard Smith who has terminal cancer.

Requested by Roy Schoenherr

sick 1 week ago
Healing for my family and may the Lord lead us in the direction we need to go

Requested by CEP

personal 1 week ago
Asking for prayers for both my sister and brother-in-law (Gerri & Andy). They are having many health challenges. Dear Lord please help them both. Lay your healing hands on them at this time especially.

Requested by Josephine

sick 2 weeks ago
Please pray for our family friend, who is suffering from brain tumor. Thanks

Requested by Paul and Agnes Dolfus

sick 2 weeks ago
Please pray for my Mom and Dad who are hospitalized and fighting Covid.

Requested by Jan S

sick 2 weeks ago
I pray over your life, I pray Jesus Christ is so much a part of you. I pray Jesus Christ truth and spirit surrounding you with so much of God's love and strength that any spirit in opposition is no part of your life. I pray Jesus Christ commander of your life, your spirit your heart, that Satan has no power or opportunity to touch or defy God's love in your life. I pray Jesus Christs love ls your light and way forever. May his peace be with you Amen

Requested by Benjamin Mansell

thanksgiving 2 weeks ago
Please pray for my son and daughters K and V and M to be very successful productive powerful and financially prosperous at their jobs, Ban all attacks and negative comments against them. Shake off all feelings of negativity. Help them to stay focus and positive and hopeful to achieve the best outcome possible in every situation Bless the work of their hands to be successful productive and prosperous. Guide them to the right path of success. Bring ppl in their life who can help them achieve their goals faster. Remove all blockages restore and shower them with many blessings and great opportunities in multiple folds in the name of Jesus Christ. Give them a wealth of happiness protection peace and prosperous life. Riches in prosperity and abundance in love and wisdom. Bless the ppl praying for our blessings and requests. Thank you for all your prayers and help

Requested by

personal 2 weeks ago
Please pray for my sisters pregnancy, she is having mild complications. She may have to deliver early. Please pray for a safe delivery of her baby girl

Requested by Abbie

personal 2 weeks ago