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Please help me pray for the salvation of my father-in-law, Michael who is dying of lung cancer. He is very old and has not lived a life for God & now I worry about his eternal soul. I ask that the Hol

Requested by Jennifer

sick 5 hours ago
Please pray for our son, Rob, who is in 'very critical condition' with Covid. He can't breathe on his own, and he has no medical insurance. He needs the Lord too. Thank you, his mother.

Requested by pat Laudicina

sick 4 days ago
Please pray for Lindsay, that she would find Jesus and accept help for her mental illness. Please pray God would place a hedge of protection around our family right now. Thanks!

Requested by NL

strength 2 weeks ago
Prayers for myself, I had anxiety and pray God will lead me to a happier and stress free life. Prayer God will protect my beautiful children he blessed me with and watch over. them

Requested by Kristina

strength 2 weeks ago
Praying for uncle Frank, who recently passed away from cancer. I pray his family and everyone finds peace that he is in Heaven.

Requested by Christine

death 2 weeks ago
Praying for my dad Nika, Recent surgery he flatlined for 7 minutes, with prayers to God he saved his life. I pray for the fear he has after his surgery goes away, & I will have him for more years

Requested by Christine

sick 2 weeks ago
Please help my daughter find comfort and be healed from all the ailments she is being challenged with at this time.

Requested by jr

sick 2 weeks ago
Please pray for my sister in law, Kathy who is dealing with gliobastoma (brain cancer)

Requested by Mary Ellen Ferrell

sick 3 weeks ago
Dziekuje Ci Boze za Wszytko! Prosze o sile i blogoslawienstwo abym nie byla sama; wiem , ze jestes ze mna. Dziekuje 77X!

Requested by ANNA PACHUT

strength 4 weeks ago
Please pray for my dear friend, Mary Murrary, who had surgery this past week for lung cancer. She is to have chemo soon. Pray for her strength, healing and to lean on Christ with love.

Requested by Paula Zmudczynski

sick 4 weeks ago
Let us pray for so many of our young people who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

Requested by JJ

personal 1 month ago
Please pray for my nephew-Steve Loewen who had a second heart attack. The doctors are putting a pacemaker in today as Steve has a long recovery ahead. Thank you

Requested by Patricia Loewen

sick 1 month ago