Prayer Wall

Praying for Gods unspeakable Joy upon Kelsey’s heart and soul. Praying she is attracted to and blessed by God to meet a like minded Christian young adult male who loves the Lord and will grow a friend

Requested by KJ

personal 1 month ago
Please pray for my sister, Connie, who is dying from liver and pancreatic cancer. May God welcome her home and bring comfort to her children and grandchildren.

Requested by Karen Bisdorf

sick 1 month ago
My Girlfriend Kimberly come on to messaging.

Requested by Jeremy Thompson

sick 1 month ago
A child to adopt that I love and feel a connection to

Requested by Karen C

personal 1 month ago
My 94 year old mother had Covid. I requested prayers from Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Crusade on YouTube. 5,000 people prayed for her. The prayers worked. Covid is gone. Prayers work! Thank you Lord.

Requested by Dennis

thanksgiving 1 month ago
Cindy who is all alone in the hospital waiting to be transferred back to Cleveland clinic after her open heart surgery with more complications. Lord please give her strength and know she is loved

Requested by

sick 1 month ago
Fred Schroeder


death 2 months ago
For the 40th day of death of Antonia M Vivar. May she Rest In Peace with her loved ones in heaven.🙏

Requested by Laura V Tacderas

death 2 months ago
My daughter who is older having 1st new baby come this winter for healthy delivery, and healthy baby born.

Requested by Susan Morris

strength 2 months ago
For healing and strength for my niece, Ranelle Tokarczyk, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer as she goes through chemo and surgery.

Requested by Sr. Janet Schaeffler

sick 2 months ago
Dear Lord-please heal Tony from COVID and help him with his recovery from the traumatic brain injury and stroke that he suffered in the past year. I ask this through Jesus Christ Amen.

Requested by Cmb

sick 2 months ago
Heal my brother and allow him rest.

Requested by Colleen

sick 2 months ago