A Prayer for putting away Christmas Decorations

Monday of the 1st Week in Ordinary Time

In today’s homily, Fr. Ron reflects on how today begins the season of Ordinary Time and what that means for Catholics. In today’s Gospel, we hear the beginning of Christ’s ministry and the calling of the first disciples. We show that we are disciples of Christ by living out the Gospel values.

Fr. Ron concludes by sharing a prayer for putting away Christmas decorations:

Lord Jesus,
Today we have put all of our Christmas decorations away.
We are entering into Ordinary Time and our house looks ordinary again too.
But Lord, you know and we know that our house has a secret.
Deep inside it, all of our Christmas decorations are still here.
The blessing of Christmas is always with us kept in the deep quiet places of the house.
And Lord, our lives will become ordinary again too,
But you know that each of us has the grace of baptism.
The grace you give us is always with us in the deep quiet places of our soul.
And we live the grace of Christmas every day
Only without all the trappings.
That we always give generously
Receive gifts gratefully
Welcome others and study your life.
May our house be a home with Christ at it’s core
And our souls a home where Jesus always dwells.

What could be better than being an angel?