Good Friday Broadcast

Good Friday is a day commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. The second part of the Sacred Triduum, Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion includes a solemn entrance by the clergy, Liturgy of the Word, including St. John’s Passion Narrative, Solemn Intercessions (prayers for us and the whole world), Veneration of the Holy Cross and Holy Communion (reserved from Mass on Holy Thursday).

Good Friday (a.k.a. Holy Friday) includes special rituals that can help the assembly grow in their faith, unite their sufferings with Christ and motivate them to live the baptismal promise of the Easter Vigil.  The necessary suffering and death of Jesus led to His glorious resurrection and victory over sin.

Our Veneration of the Holy Cross this year will be in the form of a sacred song of adoration; Jesus the Lord.  “Let all creation bend the knee to the Lord.”

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