One of the best ways to determine someone’s character

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent

In today’s homily, Fr. Ron reflects on the phrase, “One isn’t grateful because they are grateful, they are happy because they are grateful.” They remember all of the things done for them and are thankful. You can really determine a person’s character by this fact.

Fr. Ron continues by reflecting on the death of the a volunteer from the parish who recently passed away. She exemplified this. All she wanted to talk about is how grateful she was for her 80 years of life and all of the things that family, friends, and God had done for her.

We hear in the first reading today how they Israelites forget the great miracles God had done from them and turn on God. They are angry with him. They forgot the good God had done for them.

Ex 32:7-14;
Ps 106:19-20, 21-22, 23;
Jn 5:31-47

This is why we should love others above all