Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Natalie Fanning, a parishioner at St. Isidore is also a student at the International Academy of Macomb. In 9th grade, she was asked to create a project that would benefit the community and help to solve an issue that she was passionate about.

Natalie wanted to do something that helps the environment and could also benefit the St. Isidore community. She decided that she wanted her project to show others the importance of reducing their carbon footprint while also providing tips on how to do this.

Her hope hope is that through this project she will be able to help people become more conscious of the impact of everyday choices and that this consciousness will help people feel empowered and capable of making a change for the better in their own home.

In addition to this infographic, Natalie created a video explaining in more detail what you can do to become more conscious and suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint.