Adoration & Benediction – Adorers Needed

All the angels of heaven gaze in ecstasy at the image left on your soul after each holy hour you make in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

 Rev. Vincent Martin Lucia and Msgr. Josefino Ramirez

Come and spend quiet time in the presence of our Lord. Eucharistic Adoration / Benediction is being offered once again on Tuesdays beginning July 12, 2022. This
special time with our Lord will now be taking place in the church (previously the Resource Center) following 8:00 AM Daily Mass concluding at 4:15 PM with Benediction. (This does not impact Friday morning Adoration / Benediction.)

In order for this to take place, we need adorers to schedule one-hour time slots during the day, to ensure our Lord is not left alone. For as Archbishop Fulton
Sheen noted: “The only time our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night He went into agony. Not for activity did He plead but for an Hour of companionship.”
If you are interested in being a part of the scheduled adorers, contact Dave Bisdorf at: or (586) 202-7000.

Does this mean you can only attend if scheduled? No. You are welcome to drop in at any time and stay for as little or as long as you want.

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