Bulletin Guidelines

One of our highest priority goals in the St. Isidore Church bulletin is to maintain consistency and continuity in this weekly publication. In order to achieve this, please review the guidelines below and keep follow them when writing your articles and publicizing your events. All final content decisions are up to the discretion of the St. Isidore Church Creative Director.

I. Events / Advertisements

All events follow a standard layout that is matched in both the bulletin and on our website. This layout will make your content both more engaging and easier to read. The Events page in the bulletin consists of up to 12 events arranged in 2 rows and 6 columns. Please do your best to adhere to these guidelines to help your content look the best and fit in the available space.

  1. Every event must have a title, date, description, and image. If you do not have an image, our creative department would be happy to work with you to create one that best meets your vision.
  2. Limit your description to 80 words or less..
    Consider limiting content in the bulletin and providing additional details on our website. This creates the best engagement.
  3. Photos/Images should be as high resolution as possible with a minimum resolution of 300ppi (i.e. an image with a resolution of 900px x 600px will be printed up to 3” x 2” in size). Clipart is not accepted. All copyrighted photos and images must be licensed for use in print or online publishing.
    If you are not sure about your image, send it to the creative team  and they will let you know if it’s acceptable.
  4. Identical content may run for as many weeks as space permits. Events are prioritized by date. Events happening the soonest receive highest priority.
  5. Priority will be given to St. Isidore Church ministries and groups first.
  6. Your event advertisement may run one week as a half to full-page featured ad subject to availability of space and the discretion of the creative team. You can indicate your preferred featured date in the notes section of the submission form.

II. Content Restrictions

St. Isidore Church reserves the right not to publish articles related to political or social topics. As a large and diverse Catholic church, our leadership acknowledges that we come from many different places and hold differing opinions on political and social topics. We feel that the bulletin is not the best medium to share these opinions since opposing viewpoints cannot likewise be shared.

III. Article Requirements + Tips

  1. Articles with identical content can run for up to two weeks if space allows and at the discretion of the creative director. If you wish to continue to write about a subject, the article must be sufficiently changed and resubmitted.
  2. All text articles will be printed in our brand font at a standard size. Any font choices included in submitted content will be modified to meet the requirements.
  3. Limit wording. If your content exceeds the available space, line-spacing and/or font size adjustments may be made to accommodate your content.
  4. Avoid using colored fonts if possible. All articles are printed in black ink. If a web link is included, it will be printed in St. Isidore blue for emphasis.
  5. Only one space between sentences.
  6. The word Mass is capitalized 
  7. When writing phone numbers, use dashes, please no parenthesis or periods
    (e.g. 248-853-5390)
  8. Times should be capitalized with a space between. (e.g. 9:30 AM or 8:00 PM)
  9. Avoid using ALL CAPS for anything. It looks like you are shouting!
  10. Avoid underlining words for emphasis. Use bold or italics, instead. Underlining should only be used for titles.
  11. Do not use more than one exclamation point in a sentence!
  12. When writing about our church, please use “St. Isidore Church” (other forms such as St. Isidore Catholic Church, St. Isidore Catholic Community, or St. Isidore are not prohibited, but also not encouraged)
  13. Please try to avoid fragmented sentences.
    (e.g. “Hope to see you there” should read, “We hope to see you there.”)
  14. When using a slash (e.g. and/or) no space is necessary.
  15. If you mention God, Jesus, Lord, etc. and make references such as he, him or his—these should all be capitalized. (e.g. He, Him or His)
  16. When using quotation marks and parentheses, punctuation should be placed inside quotation marks and outside of parentheses.
    example: INCORRECT:  “The Lord be with you ”. CORRECT: “The Lord be with you.”
    example:  INCORRECT: (is what he said.) CORRECT:  (is what he said).
  17. Before you submit your article, proofread your own work! Spelling and grammar are the author’s responsibility. Though we proofread content, we try to print exactly what you send.

IV. Deadlines

  1. All bulletin content must be submitted using the Bulletin Submission form available at www.stisidore.church/bulletin-submission
  2. Without Proof: 10 days in advance or by Thursday at 1 PM the week before the intended bulletin issue.
  3. With Proof: 12 days in advance or Tuesday at 1 PM the week before the intended bulletin issue.
  4. Holiday bulletins require additional time for publishing. Please provide content at least 5 days earlier.

These bulletin guidelines are subject to be changed at any time without notice. 

Please visit our website for the most up-to-date guidelines: www.stisidore.church/bulletin-guidelines

Send questions to bulletin@stisidore.church

(updated: 2/10/21)

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