Christian Service

Christians and Ecology

When I first came to St. Isidore in 1998 the area was mostly farms, golf courses and fields.  The past almost twenty years have seen a big change, Wolverine Golf Course is gone, now becoming a huge subdivision, T-J’s is laying fallow, unused, but still recognizable as a golf course, and the fields east of Card between 22 and 23 Mile roads is now also in the process of becoming a huge subdivision. While this is  progress, it is also destroying our environment.  With more concrete, lawns, roads, etc., comes more flooding because there is no where for excess water to drain. Less greenery means a lowering of the quality of air we breathe.  Also, playing into all of this is water run-off into the Great Lakes and pollution of the Great Lakes. Did you know that 40 million people drink the water from the Great Lakes? Pope Francis, and Pope Benedict before him, both have constantly addressed the Catholic Christian’s responsibility to care for our environment. God gave us this planet to use not only  for our benefit, but to also care for and preserve for future generations, our children and grandchildren. Just recently, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative planted almost seven hundred trees along Romeo Plank Road  surrounding the Glode Drain which runs through what was once the Partridge Creek Golf Club. Glode Drain extends from 24 Mile and Hayes for almost 5 miles until it empties into the Clinton River, which empties into Lake St. Clair. The GLRI has planted almost 700 trees along the watershed which will help to stabilize the soil along the watershed and improve drainage along the area including the Clinton River.

We, at St. Isidore have decided to join the fight to save our ecology. I have been in contact with the Clinton River Watershed Council and have received literature to go over. It is our intention to become involved with CRWC and adopt a stream to help monitor and clean. In the late winter early spring we will be looking for volunteers to help with this project. Please check the bulletin for updates as well as this website for more information.