Have some questions about our Commercial? Maybe we can answer them here:


Why is St. Isidore doing this?

Our church community has a strong foundation of faith and we have made it our mission to share God’s Word with others so that we can grow and help them find a church home. We know that to do this, we need to reach people where they are, the movies. 77% of Americans ages 12+ attend at least 1 movies per year and 20% attend monthly.


Why the Tee?

Offering a free t-shirt helps make us memorable. “St. Isidore is the church that offered me a free t-shirt.”

Whether someone wears the t-shirt to bed, to paint, or as a rag, they will see our church each and every time. That’s a win!

We plan on using the t-shirt opportunity to connect with people. Telling them more about who we are and what we stand for.


Are these free shirts the same ones you are selling for $15?

They are not. The shirts that we are selling in our apparel store are premium. Our store shirts are a much higher quality shirt so that you would be more excited to wear them. We are selling those shirts at or below cost to make them as accessible as possible.


Can I get a free tee?

Yes, you absolutely can (if you fill out the form). However, these shirts are meant to help us reach our neighbors; those who do not currently worship with us. Quite simply, these are meant to be evangelization tools.


How long will the commercial run?

The commercial will run for 1 year.


How is St. Isidore going to follow-up with moviegoers?

Once someone fills out our online form for the tee, we have a plan to follow up with them through email and an info card that will be mailed with the shirt. This will contain info about our parish, a letter from Fr. Ron inviting them to worship and some upcoming events.


If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please reach out and let us know.

Fr. Ron Thoughts on Our Commercial