Connecting Point

Connecting Point: April 24, 2022

Growing up, I’ve always felt like the story of Thomas in this Sunday’s gospel has been conveyed as an example of how not to live:

– Thomas doubted.

– Thomas shouldn’t have doubted.

– Don’t be like Thomas; Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas.”

I’m going to step back and empathetically look at Thomas and compare him to myself:

Thomas loved the Lord. Thomas is human. He made mistakes, and had fears and feelings that were justifiable. As I look at myself, I know that I, too, love the Lord, am human, make mistakes and certainly experience fear, uncertainty, and doubt from time to time. While I know in my heart that I will never doubt the Lord and what his plan is for me, I still experience these feelings because I’m human.

When these feelings find their way into our minds and hearts, we shouldn’t avoid them or feel guilty for experiencing them. However, when we do experience them, it is important that we respond to them through faith. Our response should reflect what our Easter Connecting Point was last week: Run to Him. We need to bring our fears, uncertainty, and doubts to the Lord and offer them up to him. It is our faith in him that will carry us through the difficult times and allow us to help others through their difficult moments of weakness as well.