Connecting Point: April 28, 2019

I think we all have people in our lives, often including close friends and family, who are just not ready to believe in Christ. We hope that Christ will one day present himself to them, and they will come to trust and believe in God. What an awesome day that will be! The question is, how do we lead them to that point? 

In today’s gospel, Jesus made a specific point to reveal himself to Thomas, despite his doubt. Jesus chose to meet Thomas where he was rather than giving up on him or being offended that Thomas needed proof.

How can we meet the unbelievers in our lives where they are? It’s not nagging them about coming to church or being disappointed when they choose to stay home while the rest of the family attends Easter Mass. No, we must continually pray for them and accompany them where they are. We need to be Christ to them through our kindness and support.  

We must trust our loving God that he will find a way to reach them on their journey because that is what He does. It’s only through love and prayer that we can show mercy for those that doubt or do not believe in Christ. 

– Matt Kush

Connecting Point: May 5, 2019