How can I grow in confidence to support others who need to know God?

In order for us to “bear fruit” and be his disciples, we must support others who need it; who need to know God’s love.

Growing up as a young person I was quiet and shy compared to how I am now. Whenever I was asked to talk in school or asked to do projects I was scared and intimidated. I lacked confidence and faith in myself because I never had anyone empower me. With that lack of support I never really connected to a community that could help me bear fruit to become a better person. That was until I got involved in a Catholic Retreat that led me to a youth group at a local parish. In this parish, I became involved in a community that supported me and challenged me to grow. I went from a quiet teen to an empowered and equipped young adult. 

That all happened simply because I remained in the faith community but not just one parish. I stayed active through college leading into adulthood.  I stayed active in a parish wherever I was to be challenged and to give back. Now as a full-time minister I seek to empower people in the church to do the same and give back to the people of God. Christ is doing the same for us every day and calling us to stay near to him so he can feed us and give us his love as that we can bear fruit for others. Stay close to your parish community and help grow others to build the kingdom!

Connecting Point: May 6, 2018