Connecting Point

Connecting Point: April 7, 2019

“How can I show compassion for those I am tempted to condemn?”

In today’s society we see people placing judgment and giving condemnation in the news, at school, in the workplace and on social media.  Many people have no problem sharing their thoughts while never realizing the hurt they deliver to others.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus is confronted with a situation that could call for condemnation. However, he shows us that we need to be focused on compassion; Jesus turns this situation into a moment of encounter and forgiveness.

Every time we pray the “Our Father” we are given the opportunity to ask for God’s mercy and we ask to be an example of that mercy to others.  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  By focusing on the true meaning of the words that we pray, it reminds us to act with mercy and compassion when we encounter someone suffering.

Jesus challenges us to give compassion and be the light when there is darkness and show that love is stronger than hate.