Connecting Point: August 9, 2020

In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus sends Peter and the disciples out on a boat while he prays alone. During the night, the boat is caught in a storm being violently tossed at sea. Jesus walks out to them on the water and calls to Peter to come out to him. Peter proceeds to step out onto the water but quickly becomes afraid and as a result of his doubt, he begins to sink. 

Peter began to sink because he turned his focus away from Jesus to the wind and waves that were trying to pull him down. 

Have you ever found yourself inspired by the Spirit to try something new or to take on a project, but for one reason or another began to sink? I find myself routinely full of inspiration yet sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled down by disruptive forces like Peter. There are many times that I have asked myself, “why am I doing this?” Or, “is this even worth the stress?” 

There will always be forces out there trying to pull us off our course, distract us, and even sometimes sink us. Do we believe that Jesus is with us? If we do and remain focused on him, we can persevere through the wind, waves, and other disturbances trying to pull us down. Don’t give up, pursue that spiritual inspiration, and stay focused on Christ. When you do, God’s glory will shine through you

Connecting Point: August 16, 2020