Connecting Point: December 1, 2019

What am I hiding that I don’t want others to see?

This week’s connecting point is for the first Sunday in Advent.  It is a time of reminding ourselves that the Lord will return even though we do not know the time.  Even more reason to heed Paul’s exhortation in his letter to the Romans.  Paul’s time may seem simple to us as we buzz around our world today with the latest technology, but one thing remains the same: sin.

Paul warns us that our time is not forever. Our Lord will return without a warning.  Will we be ready, or will we be hiding in the darkness of sin? 

Reflecting on Paul’s words I am reminded of Jesus’ parable of the lamp.  As followers of Christ, we are to live by his example and be a beacon of hope to others in this world not darkness.  Paul says we are to put on the armor of light! 

Advent is the time of preparedness to celebrate our savior’s birth, but also to prepare our light. This light we received at our baptism.  Is it shinning or is sin stifling that light of Christ within us?  This Advent season we can and should reach out to others in need of hope, love, faith, and light, but do not forget our readiness for our Lord. May you have a blessed Advent! 

-Deacon Jeff Loeb

Connecting Point: December 8, 2019