Connecting Point

Connecting Point: December 15, 2019

John the Baptist, the messenger, has been sent and he has prepared us for the coming of our Lord.

We can feel a sense of rejoicing begin as we move into the 3rd week of Advent. We are moving closer and closer to the light of Jesus’ birth. People begin to pick up speed at this point and frantically race toward the finish line that is Christmas, all the while forgetting that we are still in Advent, a time of waiting.

How can patience be a blessing at this time of year when we are striving to finish the present shopping, complete the Christmas dinner menu, and clean the house for guests?  We lose focus and feel that gift wrapping, baking cookies and addressing Christmas cards are more important than the coming of Christ. 

By focusing on patience we are reminded that Advent gives us the time we need with our immediate family. At this moment, can we take time to help cultivate the kingdom of God right here and now?  Encourage your family to plan an activity that reaches out to those in need this holiday season and help all people see the strength of God’s love. By patiently moving to Christmas may we find ways to raise up those who are defeated and heal those who are suffering. We can live the faith we profess.

In the serving of others, we get closer and closer to the light of Christmas and the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  

“…And so let us be glad and bear with patience everything the world throws at us, secure in the knowledge that it is then that we are most in the mind of God.”

St. Basil the Great – “Gateway to Paradise”