“How can I be a radical witness to my faith?”

Being Christian, specifically being Catholic, is becoming less and less acceptable in today’s society.

Being radical in today’s world may be as simple as being intentionally faithful in our everyday.

Being radical may be praying at a restaurant prior to eating.

Being radical may be praying at our desks prior to heading into a meeting.

Being radical may be turning to the Lord prior to making a major decision.

Being radical may be volunteering to serve those in need.

Being radical may be going to confession so that we can reconcile our relationship with Christ.

Being radical may simply be choosing to attend Mass whenever we can, even when it is not convenient for our schedules.

As 2018 is fast approaching, now is the time to commit to this radical behavior. As the church community of St. Isidore, let’s commit to making the new year an opportunity to offer radical witness to our beautiful faith.

Connecting Point: December 25, 2017