Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas.
Where would we be without Christmas?
More importantly, where would we be without Jesus?
Our families are not perfect.
Although Christmas is supposed to be one of the most joyful times of the year, family issues can become magnified amidst the stresses of schedules, celebrations and expectations.
As celebrate with our families (dysfunctions and all), how many of us openly invite Jesus into our Christmas celebrations?

Do we have the courage to pray a grace of blessing for each meal together…even in a public restaurant?
Do we dare to pray that the hearts of parents and children may be turned to God and one another?
We can also offer our imperfections to Christ in the manger. He is always waiting to hear from us.
“Lord Jesus, you bring hope and restoration to your people in our world. Restore and strengthen Christian family life today. May your love rule in all relationships and remove any barriers to peace and harmony.”
Our various family celebrations of Christmas unite us as brothers and sisters in Christ. May the universal message of love brought to us in a tiny baby continue to work through our Christmas joy to bring all families throughout the world into deeper relationship with Jesus. Peace begins in the Christmas family of Jesus.

Connecting Point: January 14, 2018