Connecting Point

Connecting Point: December 5, 2021

Discernment does involve perspective which can be inherently problematic. Perspective is our own attitude toward or way of regarding something; our own point of view.

For as many people assembled in a place at any given time, there are potentially as many different perspectives.

Perspective makes us uniquely different as human beings. Perception and discernment characterize us as individuals but can also cause problems in inter-personal relationships when we value our own discernment more than we value nurturing relationships with others.

Jesus calls us to love first and foremost. In his dealings with sinners, tax collectors, criminals and prostitutes, he valued the human person first and foremost. He set the bar high for us in that judgement takes a back seat to care, concern and connection.

Our careful discernment of value can flow from our own individual perspective when grounded in our relationship with Christ through prayer, scripture, sacrament and service to others.