Generosity is not something that we can only consider when we reach that certain benchmark or higher level of income.

Providing for others doesn’t need to be dependent on our financial means.

We can look for ways to be more generous that may not even involve opening our wallets.

This may take a shift in focus. Most of us are focused our day to day tasks, working, studying, running errands, grocery shopping, taking care of family.  Just being more aware of those around us during our day to day busy-ness can result in our discovery of opportunities to share kindness.

Allowing someone to go in front of you in line, holding the door for a stranger, writing an anonymous note of encouragement to a co-worker, clipping diaper coupons for a young mother and yes, paying for the coffee of the person behind you, can unexpectedly brighten someone else’s day.

We all have days that could use a little brightening.

Not all acts of kindness are expensive, and the return on our investment can be a shared smile and the priceless thought that someone out there really does care.

Connecting Point: March 5, 2017