Connecting Point: January 1

As we ring in the new year, we think of ways to better ourselves; set goals; and make pledges. Usually these are to become better versions of ourselves: losing weight, running a marathon, saving money, spending more time with family and friends. But why not add one more thing to the list… bring someone back to the church? On Christmas Eve and Day we see more people come through our doors than any other day. Maybe it’s time to reach out and invite those who joined you on Christmas to join you throughout the year. We think that we have a lot to offer as a church and our trying to become more focused than ever before so that we can reach the people who have drifted away or are seeking for the right church home. We cannot truly reach them unless they are invited in.

We have made great strides in 2016 to become a better, more focused, and more relevant church. With your help we can take this even further in 2017.

Connecting Point: January 8